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What is Website Launch Pad?

Website Launchpad is a place to showcase your website to the world and provides powerful SEO, SEM and traffic generating tools designed to increase your website's backlinks, traffic and natural ranking in search engine results. You can also win an award if your site is special!

Learn about SEO and SEM or become a contributor

Learn the secrets of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) from our SEO & SEM articles or become a contributor and submit your own articles to our growing database of users.

Submit your website to 200+ quality sites

Visit the website submit list and submit your site to hundreds of quality websites to get an instant increase in backlinks. Be careful though... search engines don't like to be manipulated so will need to add your site to a handful of sites at a time rather than all at once. Bookmark Website Launchpad and come back on a weekly basis to be safe.

Looking for online advertising relevant to your website?

For those with a budget, why not visit the online advertising list to find a website that accepts paid sponsors and banner ads relevant to your industry.

Free SEO tools

Visit the free SEO and SEM tools list for websites that offer free tools to help you perform SEO and SEM like a pro.

Website Awards for extra special websites...

If your website has a great looking design or some new fangled wizz bang functionality then you might just impress our moderators and pick up a WLP website award for your troubles! This means added exposure for your website and even more traffic! Visit our website awards page to learn more.

Want more exposure?

Website Launchpad is designed for a global audience and reaches into every industry. That means a lot of eyeballs see this site... and it’s all free! To help us maintain the website and support our hosting overheads we offer 3 types of sponsorship ads. Ad places are limited and only available in monthly blocks. For better targeting of your ad, it can be placed in your specific category or placed site-wide for maximum exposure. If you want serious traffic and search engine attention then read more about our advertising on Website Launchpad options.

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