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Posted by Turnkey Websites on 7 September, 2011

How did you buy your last website? Did you go to a website design firm for a custom website or did you do it yourself?

Currently there are 4 ways to buy a website.

1. Custom website from a web design firm
2. Template website from a web design firm
3. DIY template themes
4. DIY website builders

1. Custom websites from reputable firms feature high impact visuals, cutting edge programming, good security, advanced SEO, a CMS, and can usually be modified over time by the people who built the site. The cost of a custom website ranges anywhere from $2,500 for a very basic 5 page site to $20,000 for an enterprise size site. Delivery of a custom site can vary from 3 weeks to a number of months depending on various factors.

2. Templates from web design firms are hit and miss as most template sellers are simply middle men that do not have in-house staff. Their sites suffer from poor visuals, outdated programming, no compliance to web standards, cross platform errors, no security, poor SEO, often no CMS, and are difficult to modify. The cost of templates ranges from $400 to $5,000. Delivery can be longer than custom sites because the template seller relies on off-shore freelance staff.

3. DIY template 'themes' are partially built websites that contain a number of separate graphics and programming files. These types of templates need to be assembled by experienced designers and are therefore not a 'buy and go' solution for small businesses. Themes cost from $60 to $3000 from places like template monster. Themes come without testing, SEO, CMS, or support. The only solid form of DIY sites are Flash based which cannot be seen on iPhone or iPad and are open to hacking.

4. DIY web builders allow people to build their own website. Websites built by amateurs look and function like they were built by amateurs and suffer poor structure, no SEO, no support, and are not tested to work across different browsers and platforms. DIY website programs are built on the premise that 'one website fits all' and as such are over-bloated with code and are very difficult to use. Web builder programs come and go so no-one ends up mastering them which leaves little help for this that attempt to build a serious site. Another serious problem plaguing Web builder programs are that hackers to practice on them because they are free. Delivery is instant however the buyer needs server deployment experience and knowledge to set-up, upload and activate the template.

The above situation is no different to cars, electronics, clothes and most other markets. In the beginning they all start out as custom made items by specialist firms then as standards and buying habits begin to emerge, smart business people work out ways to mass produce the items for lower costs and faster delivery. The smart company that gets the formula right goes on to dominate the market while competitors fall to the wayside.

Templates are an attempt at doing what Ford did for the motor car to websites however no-one has cracked the optimum formula - until now. Google was in fact the 5th browser to try and crack the internet, they just did it better and today reap the rewards. Myspace preceded Facebook yet Facebook continues to grow while Myspace is a distant memory. Twitter also continues to grow in the face of predecessors like delicious and Mr wong. These companies succeeded by watching their predecessors make mistakes and by asking 'how can we do it better'.

Enter Divinxi.
Divinxi has been born from the same mindset. By learning from the mistakes of predecessors and asking 'how can we do it better', we have created a formula that answers the issues plaguing current website offerings. Divinx websites combine all the advantages of custom sites with the rapid deployment methodology of template sites. Divinxi surpasses what Ford did for the motor car because Divinxi websites are more like Ferrari's.

The time is right for Divinxi. SME's are hurting all over the world due to the global economic climate and need a low-cost, high quality solution that can be delivered rapidly. The answer is Divinxi.

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