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Diary of a web marketing strategist

Posted by pencilneck on 6 April, 2010 with 0 comments

This article focuses on a step by step online marketing strategy for a hypothetical online health foods website but will apply to a wide range of websites. The steps taken are proven methods that have been combined to maximize traffic and create a solid online presence. The article is in a diary format based on real events experienced by a web strategist... only the names have been changed.

Entry 1: First meeting with the client. Found out all I could about their business, their products and specific customers. Told them the their current website is complete rubbish but their brand is good. They took the comment well. Said I would email them a quote and rough strategy. All good.

Entry 2: Received a positive response to the quote a few days ago and sent out a deposit invoice which they promptly paid today. Love a good payer. Mental note to give them the best service I can as a thanks.

Entry 3: Second meeting went well today. Convinced the client to start a blog (obvious I know) and regularly fill it with useful information targeting two main groups - consumers and journalists in the health food industry. Also convinced them to get a seriously good looking website built - good enough to win a website design award if possible for extra backlinks and traffic from the design community. They agreed and asked me to oversee the SEO. Client wants to use an Australian web design firm because they love their work... have to check them out.

Entry 4: Site is about 2 weeks away which gives me time to write some initial blog articles, press releases and finalize my list of sites to submit their site to when complete. List includes Website Launchpad (of course), various health food directory sites, health food blogs, forums, web design awards sites, plus a huge network of web design inspiration sites like CSS Remix, CSS Vault, CSS Mania, and a hundred others - even found one in Australia called CSS Downunder (cute) recommended by the Aussie design firm. These sites all have high ranking on Google and could potentially drive thousands of people to discover my client's site and perhaps buy some products. Also need to finalize a shortlist of relevant websites that have a lot of traffic and offer banner advertising.

Entry 5: Set up client's Google Analytics, Twitter page with custom background from web designer, and Facebook today in preparation for the launch next week. Have mapped out a plan to submit the site to my huge list of sites at a rate of 5 sites a week for a more natural appearing backlink growth rate. Don't want to be penalized by Google for aggressive SEO tactics. Press releases are ready. Client seems very happy with progress.

Entry 6: Site launched today. Looks brilliant. 2Creative did an excellent job. Exchange rate helped keep the costs down too. They are automatically feeding our news from the site to twitter - very cool. Preliminary customer comments are very positive. My client was very happy. Submitted the site to the health food directories and placed the first banner ad. Started submitting to design awards sites and 5 CSS galleries. Blog is up and running and getting some traffic. Waiting to hear back from magazines regarding press releases.

Final Entry: Site has been up for 3 months and going great. Google has picked up the site and it is currently ranking on the second page page which is good considering the millions of results for health food searches. Am half way through my list of sites to submit to. About 75% of CSS sites have showcased the site - some CSS sites do not seem to change, perhaps out of date. Site has won one design award so far. Traffic is up to 350 unique visits per day on average.

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