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Number 1 strategy for getting backlinks to your site

Posted by skratch on 25 April, 2010 with 2 comments

The most commonly suggested, most powerful, most long term, yet most ignored strategy for building backlinks is to add great content to your site. Before you roll your eyes and think 'not another lame-ass article talking about content again', let me explain why so many people suggest this tactic.

The main reason is because it is far less time consuming than trawling the internet for relevant backlinking sites. When you look for backlink sites you also have to find if the site accepts links, see how many they've got on a page, see how far down the links page is, check the source code to see if the links avoid using the 'no follow' tag, check the page rank etc... THEN you need to contact them and ask for a link swap. VERY time consuming for a hit and miss strategy.

Instead, use this time to write one article a week regarding something you know people are searching for and add it to your site. By writing great content you are instead attracting people to come to you rather than the other way around. Not only will you build a more information rich website, you also put yourself in a position of power as being the source of something worthwhile rather than being seen as a mere link-whore. Google will also love your site a little more if the info is popular.

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Posted on 25 April 2010

I hear ya! Took me a long time to realize this. Wish I'd taken more notice of this years ago.


Posted on 2 May 2010

We have just started using this technique and is proven useful already. This article itself is actually a true representative of what it is about - good content that brings in backlinks.

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