SEO SEM Tools List

Don't you just love freebies! The following SEO tools are free to use and may be of benefit in optimizing your website for higher rankings by the search engines.
The web's best backlink builder. This tool searches for websites that have terms like Add Site, Add Website, and Submit Site. It also analyzes the quality or relevance of the site in relation to the keyword you punch in. It's not completely accurate so it will take time to sort through the results.
A very handy tool for finding the backlinks of existing websites. Just type in the site you want to find out about and Domain Pop will reveal all its backlinks.
Xinu Returns is a nifty little tool for checking pagerank, metatags and a heap of other statistical data that can help you optimize your website.
Check to see the keyword saturation of your web pages with this tool. Some search engines may penalize your website if you have a keyword saturation of higher than 7% of your total page text.
Use this tool to analyze and compare the keywords and keyword density of all the words on 2 different URL's at a time.
Another excellent tool from Webconfs. Allows you to see what search engines like Google see when looking at your site.
See which pages of your website are showing up in the search engines with the Search Engine Saturation Tool.
Check the pagerank of website pages with the Google toolbar.
Google plug-in for Firefox that evaluates page speed and suggests how to improve the performance of web pages.
Provides information of your web page load performance as well as a comparison against an optimization checklist.
Free website optimization tool providing page size, composition and download time.

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